Do you want to know more about your


Do you want to know more about your Portuguese ancestry?

Whether your grandparents came from the mainland Portugal, or from the Azores or the Madeira Islands, we can help you find out more about your ancestry and heritage.

Digging through old parish records can be both time-consuming and extremely difficult when you don’t master the language. By hiring our services, we can do this research for you.

With access to both civil registration and church records and archives, as well as local history and bibliography, we can help you build and expand your family tree.

With a dedicated team of investigators and historians and an ever-growing database with hundreds of books and documents on history and genealogy of Azorean and Madeira Ancestry and beyond, we can help fill in the gaps when primary sources are missing or add further knowledge about your family’s history.

If you want help tracing back your past all the way to your Portuguese ancestors, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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